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The above Institution is functioning as one that is teaching a very special field of study popularly known as “Baratha Natyam”. This establishment is a Government approved Organisation solely engaged for the livelihood of my native co-inhabitant students living in this country.

This Dance Academy’s Headquarters is housed in the Central Part of Switzerland in the District of LUZERN,where people belonging to multiraces possessing multiculture and high Human Qualities are living in complete harmony ,respecting Human Values.The displaced Tamils who have migrated to this most beautiful mountaneous Country in the World are embracing the General Cultures and different Multi-Cultures and at the same time safeguarding their individuality in order-to transfer that individuality to their generations to come in the future ,even under difficult circumstances. In order-to maintain our individuality ,our Language, Arts, Culture and other traditional values should be well safeguarded.

It is the duty of a Displaced Tamils to safeguard the individuality of their race and transfer such individuality to their future generations.

In this connection Mother, Father and the “Guru” have great responsibilities at various stages. Barathatharshana Dance Academy is functioning at LUZERN,SURSEE and ZOFFINGEN- inorder to engage the “Guru” to follow the real Teaching Methods and transfer same to the generations to come in the future at the same time we carry out the livelihood activities to our ( “Thayaha Uravuhal”) mother land inhabitants too.

The Teachers and the Students learning “BARATHA NATYAM” are performing “BARATHA NATYA” events at all racial functions including places of worship. This Barathatharshana Academy has even been registered as a Legal School of Dance by the Government of Switzerland under the prevailing Rules and Regulations.

“Aadal Kalai”

Primitive man before speak,he expressed his feelings and ideas through facial expressions, hand gestures, and body movements. So dance existed before language and music. As well as language and music together gave form to the Aadal Kalai. Considered one of the sixty four Arts, dance is revered as a divine Art. The Tamil’s dance tradition was written in the name of “Avinayam” by a poet named “Abhinayar” during “Tholkappiya” period.

A detailed view of the dance art of Tamils has been recorded in “Silapathikaaram” as a lasting memory of “Ilankovadis. “Maadhavi’s” dancing personas, stage appearance, costumes are all described. Despite this traditional history and traditional symbols were destroyed by foreign invaders.  


The early people were in great distress. Indra requested Brahma to create a entertainment from the four Vedhas for everyone to understand. So that this situation could be happiness everywhere. For this he compiled dance from “Irukku Veda”, “Abinayam” from “Yasur veda”,  Music from “Sama veda”, “Rasam” from “Yasur veda” and created “Bharatha” dance as the fifth “Veda”.

Handprints show the meaning  of the song in Bharatha Natyam. Handprints are the way to go. As the eyes go the mind goes. As the mind goes the feeling of the soul goes. Earlier it was performed by temple dancers during religious services in temples .From 18th century, the dance style of Tamilnadu and Karnataka states became known as Bharatha Natyam.

Bharatha is Bhavam,Ragam ,Thalam and body language convey the emotions of the performers and the ideas of the characters to the audience. A dance style is a combination of rhythmic dance technique and performance. Any artistic expression is motivated by emotions. However it should reveal our life and the noble ideology that is related to it .The traditional Art of dance (Aadal Kalai /Bharatham) has in itself archaic ideas of Tamil life.

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Mrs.Gayathiri Thishanthan

Mrs.Gayathiri Thishanthan is flourishing as an eminent artist among the co-artist in her field in Switzerland. She is also very popular as a “Baratha Naatya” Dance Teacher. Mrs.Gayathiri Thishanthan is functioning as the Managing Director of “Baratha Tharshana” Dance Academy and as the founder of the “Baratha Tharshana” foundation. She is also continuing to maintain her individuality in the management of all the above mention supreme functions.

Mrs.Gayathiri Thishanthan is a native of Kalviyankadu, Manippaai,Jaffna, SriLanka. She was born as only daughter of Mr.&Mrs.Selvarajah.Kamalasany natives of Thirukovil, Ampara,Srilanka. Due to the close attachment to the Tamil Language her Father had and the Maternal Aesthetic inheritance, her parents decided to teach her “Baratha Naatyam”as early as at the age of three.

As a first step her parents entrusted her to Mrs.Rajakumary Sithamparam in the year 1982 at Ampara as the first “Guru” to impart “Baratha Naatyam”. Secondly she was entrusted to Mrs.Subithira Kirupaharan in the year 1996 in Batticaloa to continue to teach her “Baratha Naatyam”. Later she was entrusted to Mrs.Chandra Thandayuthapillai in the year 1998 in Tamil Nadu, India, to further continue to teach “ Baratha Naatyam” to Mrs.Gayathiri Thishanthan. 

Later on she was entrusted to Mr.Adayar K.Latchumanan,in 2000 and Mrs.Naahamany Srinivasarav in 2002, India to further impart the “Baratha Naatyam” Art systematically.

In the year 2002 when she was only 23 years old , under the Chairmanship of her “Guru” “Baratha Soodaamany” Mrs.Nahamany Srinivasarav she performed “Arangettam” in Tamil Nadu,India. During this same period she completed her “Baratha Naatya” Degree in the State College of Music in Tamil Nadu. She was awarded “Aadal Kalaimani” status in the same College.Furthermore, she passed her Bachelor of Arts Degree inTamil Language at the University of Chennai. Finally she was awarded “Narthana Viththahi” in 2019, status by “Kalaapooshanam” Mrs.Subithira Kirupaharan.

As a sequence of a persons life, her marriage was decided and successfully finalized by her parents accordingly she was given in marriage to Mr.Vettivelu Thishanthan.

The displaced Tamils are living in this country where different languages and cultures are prevailing, the elderly displaced Tamils are striving hard to safeguard their cultures and civilization through “Kovils” and organizations.

These human values are also being safeguarded by the descendants of displaced Tamils living in this country. They are the pillars of continuation of our Cultures and Civilization.

The Teachers attach to these special field of study are endeavoring with at most interest and devotion to enhance it’s a upliftment using there already obtained talents and at the same time modern technics adapting sow that the new generation could easily apply such technics for the betterment of this Art of study.

Mrs.Gayathiri Thishanthan processing very high standard of knowledge in this sector of study and through her already acquired knowledge and with a view to the upliftment of human values establish this Academy of “Baratha Tharshana” Dance in 2004 at LUZERN, Switzerland.